How To Craft The Perfect Industry Video

Think you have to work at a crazy cool digital media agency or leading technology startup to create a fantastic industry video? Think again!

Industry videos are an amazing tool for almost any company in any industry. They offer the perfect opportunity to educate your audience and teach them a bit about what you do.

But before we get too deep in the weeds, let’s break down what exactly an industry video is and how they can benefit your company.


What is an industry video?

An industry video highlights the opportunities within your industry as a whole, (but not necessarily your brand,) and teaches people about an important topic, trend, process, or question directly related to the field or industry you’re in. Similar to an educational video, these videos aim to teach or inspire, but are less focused on a customer’s direct pain point and instead zero in on more general information that’s useful to know.

Look at these videos as informative resources about your industry. What’s a common misconception about the industry you work in? Is there something very difficult to understand about it that you could simplify? Are there common questions you get asked often that you could answer for an interested audience?

Take a look at this example from the philanthropic network Council on Foundations, which showed industry leaders answering a question related to their industry: how can philanthropy help communities?

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